Welcome to North Valley Scorpions Youth Rugby!

PV SchoolsWe are a youth rugby club based in north Phoenix and a member of Rugby Arizona – a non-profit state rugby organization. The league and our club have been official since Fall 2011. We completed just completed our third year this past March and April by winning the Spring 2014 championship at the U14 Tackle division, 3rd place in the U14 Touch division and runner-ups in high school division 3.

We currently have touch rugby teams for elementary and middle school age levels, and tackle teams for middle school and high school. Touch rugby provides a safe and fun way to introduce kids to rugby. They learn how to run with and without the ball, pass and play defense. Touch rugby is about as physical as flag football, has a similar pace as basketball and soccer, and the ball gets around to every player just like basketball and soccer. Rugby is the perfect team sport, great for fitness and kids learn quick.

This past year we added a full-contact U14 boys team (i.e., middle school) as well as a high school boys team. We even had a half-dozen girls training in hopes to build a high school girls team.

These are the age levels we currently have or plan to offer:

Touch or Flag Rugby Teams:
Coed U8 Flag: ages 7 or younger (grades K-2)
Coed U10 Touch: ages 8-9 (grades 3-4)
Coed U14 Touch: ages 10-13 (grades 5-8)

Full-contact Tackle Rugby Teams:
Coed U12: ages 10-11 (grades 5-6)
Boys U14: ages 12-13 (grades 7-8)
Boys U16: ages 14-15 (high school, freshman/sophomore)
Boys U19: ages 16-18 (high school, junior/senior)
Girls U19: ages 14-18 (high school)

We are looking for boys and girls in high school, middle school or elementary school who want to be a part of a rapidly-growing sport that was recently added to the upcoming 2016 Olympics; No experience necessary.

Fees range from $60 for youth touch rugby to $100 and $120 for middle school and high school full-contact rugby. Those fees cover uniforms, awards and all standard rugby events for the whole year, September 1, 2013 to August 31, 2014. If your child is interested in playing rugby or if you want to see our fee schedule, go to our registration page or click here to contact me for more information. We look forward to seeing you on the rugby pitch for the 2013/2014 season and having another great year!

Coach/President, Sam Kelly